Baby Polar Bear’s First Video

Clipboard Image (23 February 2015)
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Dr. Chumley: This sister of yours is at the bottom of a conspiracy against you. She’s trying to persuade me to lock you up. Today, she had commitment papers drawn up. She has your power of attorney and the key to your safety box, and she brought you here!

Elwood P. Dowd: My sister did all that in one afternoon. That Veta certainly is a whirlwind, isn’t she?

Which Ink with Which Marker

Jenny of Craft Test Dummies does a definitive comparison of ten inks and six alcohol markers. Very useful!
Clipboard Image (17 February 2015)

Pretty Nature Vid Edit

Make Your Own Gelatin Plate

Want to try monoprinting, but don’t want to shell out for a Gelli Plate?  Here’s a very straightforward tutorial for making your own. You can make a temporary plate for $1.50, just to see if you like the process.

 I did this myself many moons ago, except I think I lined the pan with plastic so I could easily lift out the plate. That’s the tricky part.  I did end up buying a Gelli Plate, now I want to go play with it.
For more specific directions on making a plate, and for tons of monoprinting resources, I love two things: Linda Germain’s website (that’s one of her prints below), and the Gelli Arts youtube channel.
Be sure to sign up for Linda’s newsletter–she shares tips that have use far beyond monoprinting.

Redpoll in the Snow


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Mosque photography by Mohammad Reza Domiri

Mosque photography by Mohammad Reza Domiri

Galapagos tortoise babies for the first time in 100 years

Galapagos tortoise babies for the first time in 100 years

J. Michael Straczynski on board for Red Mars

J. Michael Straczynski on board for Red Mars



Holy Clothing. Gorgeous fairy/bohemian up to 5x

Holy Clothing. Gorgeous fairy/bohemian up to 5x

Pixelated hair color

Pixelated hair color

Finnish Landscapes by Mikko Lagerstedt

Finnish Landscapes by Mikko Lagerstedt


The f*ing astonishing archery of Lars Andersen.

Scrap paper bowl

I’ve found a new favorite crafter, and I can only understand one word out of 20. Luckily, Gustamon knows how to make a good craft video. Every step is clear. You don’t even need the occasional English notes.


Naturally, I had to try this paper bowl for myself.
cardstock bowl
First, I gathered supplies.
paperbowl 01
This year’s crafting for A Month of Spookdays left me with lots of spooky scraps.
paperbowl 02
I cut them into 1/2-inch strips, and kept them separated so I could put colors together.
paperbowl 03
I glued some dark paper together in a long strip first, then I started rolling.
paperbowl 04
And rolling.
paperbowl 05
My final disk was about six inches across.  Note for next time: watch to see if I get a lump where several seams have overlapped, and cut a strip short to compensate. I ended up with a pretty good lump in there, but it doesn’t show much in the end.
paperbowl 06
I coated the inside with glue, and carefully shaped the bowl. I probably could have done a more even job, but not too bad.  Glue went on the outside, and I left it to dry.
paperbowl 07
Despite all the cool spooky papers, I didn’t like the mish-mash look in the end. The inside got a coat of gold paint.
paperbowl 08
The outside, except for one strip at the top I liked, got gesso, white paint, and some stripes.  I left the bottom unpainted, so I could still see the original paper rolling.
paperbowl 09
I wanted the outside shiny, so I masked off the bottom and applied a couple coats of gloss varnish.
paperbowl 10
The finished product. I like it! Now, what to do with the rest of those scraps….

Saving Money: Sign up with Brands


If you are loyal to a brand (like I am to Skippy Peanut Butter. Mmm.), it may be harder to find sales and coupons. If that thing you like is really good or popular (again, Skippy Peanut Butter), sales and coupons may be even rarer.

Here’s the thing: brands want your eyeballs. They want to hear from you, and they want to send you things.  If you let them, you can get the goodies. Often, just going to the brand website will get you a coupon. For example, right now at Skippy, if you scroll down, you can print out a coupon.

To get better deals, see if there’s an email newsletter you can sign up for. If you like, set up a separate email account for all your brand and coupon newsletters. This can yield unexpected prizes. For example, when you sign up at Pillsbury, they’ll send you a link to an online recipe book.  I was going to ignore it, but I decided to click through, and found this cool chart of produce seasons. I printed it out for my fridge.

in season

And, I admit, I also printed a couple of yummy-looking recipes.

I haven’t done this yet, but it’s also recommended that you write the brand and tell them how wonderful they are, and ask for coupons. You’ll probably get them.  Many moons ago, I worked customer service for a ramen company. I dealt with a lot of complaints, so fan mail really made my day. And no matter what they said, most folks got a case of ramen.

All of this is especially true of restaurants. I get regular emails with coupons from our favorite eateries, so we’re rarely going without a coupon. Just remember–tip on the original total, not the total after coupons.

Will all this get you spam? Probably, but my email has a pretty good filter, and it’s worth it to me to get coupons and other bits. I even give them my mailing address if they want it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get some peanut butter.


Butterflies in Slow Motion

Gorgeous video of butterflies in ultra-slow motion, along with some interesting commentary about their flight and habits.

Skeleton Flowers

Skeleton Flowers turn transparent in the rain

Skeleton Flowers turn transparent in the rain. Click through for more.

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