New Year Presents

I’ve often said that my only New Year resolution is that I will never make a New Year resolution. That is still true, but that doesn’t mean I don’t constantly work to make things better. It also doesn’t mean I can’t pass along a few things at an appropriate time. I’ve had some good success lately. Here’s what I’ve used.… (more…)

Green Smoothie? Are You JOKING?

I am terrible about eating vegetables. I don’t hate them, I just think they’re a pain in the ass. But I’m getting older, and I really, really need them greenies. What to do? I had recently tried smoothie bowls, mostly, I admit, because so! pretty!  The usual instructions make this huge bowl of food, which I thought I could no… (more…)


I don’t often get political here. That’s saved for facebook and twitter. But this has taken over my life, and this blog is about my life, so here we are. The Spousal Unit and I are stepping up as much as we can. For the Women’s March on Washington, we stepped alllll the way out of our comfort zone, and… (more…)


I have struggled with a life-long sugar addiction. It has a number of consequences, including a recent diagnosis of diabetes (aside: my sister linked this TED talk, which I found very interesting). Of course, that’s just me. No biggie. But when the Spousal Unit was diagnosed pre-diabetic, well, we’re not having that. I’ve tried cold-turkey, and it doesn’t work, so… (more…)


Most folks, they have boxes of ornaments they’ve had since they were kids. Dozens of trinkets with historic, sentimental value. I think those kinds of trees are special for kids. They establish tradition, and encourage storytelling. Not to mention, kids’ ornaments are often a part of the tree (I know mine were), which sparks creativity, and shows off the results… (more…)


Ray was sooooo bored. He would scratch bad things for attention, and bite our feet. Playing with him wasn’t enough. He was starting to lose his kitten sparkle. So we got him a Christmas present. Meet Rebecca Maxine Troublebutt: We adopted her from the Montgomery County Humane Society. We were so very impressed with their setup and staff! I’m used… (more…)

The Last Journal: Milk toast

Mom suffered from depression, alcoholism, and paranoid schizophrenia. There is surprisingly little evidence of the last in her journal, but here you can see a sliver of it. Her awareness of the event is unusual. I do remember her talking about this, though it may have been a similar incident.  Feb. 23 1983 Wednesday, back to routine and work. Good days… (more…)

The Last Journal: The impossible feeling

This was about the time I realized this journal came to me when I am nearly the same age as she was at the time. Yes, hot flashes are crappy. Feb 20 – 83 Zenna not PG. Wants me to do some redoing of her furniture–I ain’t got time to do my own. Need 2 me’s. Good night at work.… (more…)

The Last Journal: One big sick happy family

Feb 17 1983 Rain, rain, rain & wind. Not nice. Zenna called–she thinks she is going to have another baby & is about 6 weeks along. Sold very little food last night, but I am feeling a little better. I had bad throat, headache on way home. Ate good. S went to school–one bus late–but went. She’s doing well, but… (more…)

The Last Journal: Just plain pooped

Reading the journal has created a great confusion of names. I am Cat, but not here, but there is a cat. Took me a few mentions to realize I wasn’t the one with fleas. My brother’s name is Lane Dorn. He now goes by Lane, but then he was Dorn. And yes, I was dating someone named Lane. Again, it… (more…)

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