Links, 4 mar 2016



Etsy sellers keep sending me wax melts with my orders, so I thought I’d look for a warmer. Though I decided to make one myself when I get back in the pottery studio later this┬ámonth, I did find some lovely work from Avanturine. Because who doesn’t need a Kama Sutra beer stein?

Art Dump, Because We Care

Timelapse of New Zealand Glowworm Cave


Megan van der Elst and the adorable BooBoo

Links, 26 feb 2016

A Soulful Journey

Paula of A Soulful Journey loves her some rhinestones. I very much like her style, especially when it veers a little creepy.

Badger Badger Badger (cubs)

  Butt dial? No, badger dial.

Baby Hamster

Couldn’t find a photo credit, so if you know, pass it along.

Links, 19 feb 2016