Enchanting Adornments

Dorset Buttons

Every once in a while I find an intriguing craft I’d never heard of, and of course, I have to try it. Dorset buttons originated in the 17th century, and were made and used through the 19th century, until mass-produced buttons became readily available. I’m not entirely sure I did my rounding properly, but I don’t think it much matters,… (more…)

The Pre-Raphaelites Documentary

Well, crud. The Andrew Lloyd Webber documentary on the Pre-Raphaelites got blocked in the US. It was excellent, but this one is okay, too.    

Mark Doolittle

Black Dragon Hatchling by Dallia Art

Links, 22 jan 2016

Anselm Kiefer’s Art Studio

  It’s more like an installation. Reminds me of HR Giger’s backyard. ┬áh/t Dawn.

Polar Bears by Dennis Fast

Links, 15 jan 2016

Silvan Arts

If you like the faerie/Celtic aesthetic, the lovely work of Silvan Arts may appeal.