6 hours. And I'm still

6 hours. And I’m still not an asshole. You’ll have to scroll for the joke.

Okay, I'm not even finished

Okay, I’m not even finished watching Mumford, and I already think it’s going to be one of my fave movies this year. It’s delightful. The performances are subtle and genuine (except for Martin Short, but he wouldn’t know subtle if it tackled him and gave him head. But I guess that wouldn’t be subtle, would it?), the story is engaging,… (more…)

Wait until midnight, honey. I

Wait until midnight, honey. I ain’t done yet.

That's okay, I don't have

That’s okay, I don’t have anything to talk about either. Soon, I think I may stoop to emoticons. What do you guys think? What’s more desperate: mother stories or emoticons?

7 hours.

7 hours.

Okay, true confession time: I

Okay, true confession time: I think Asian guys are hot. I just woke up one day and suddenly they were the most beautiful men on the planet. Okay, there’s a little bit more to it. Eight years ago Asian guys had no special pull for me. I was an equal-opportunity flirt. Then I had this dream. No, nothing naughty I’m… (more…)

I'm reading the new Image

I’m reading the new Image comic, The Red Star. It is shaping up to be solid sci-fi. I’m still in the introduction/exposition part. The only thing that bugs me is they use an idea that Jamie and I were gonna use, about battle-gods being summoned. Dammit. I hate when that happens.

You know how in the

You know how in the movies, they always show politicians going from door to door meeting people? Well, I just met State Senator Frank Shields. I have to admit I’m impressed with that kind of dedication, especially on a blasting hot day. Will I vote for him? Probably not, looking at his conservative sponsors. Still, that was just damned cool.

Eight hours to go. A

Eight hours to go. A mere workday.

I finished watching Get Bruce

I finished watching Get Bruce a while ago. Very, very interesting. A lot of things I didn’t know. They even talk about the infamous Ted Danson black face incident. I recommend this to anyone who’s into entertainment and would like a peek behind the scenes.