This is on my gotta-have

This is on my gotta-have list. When Sangoma came out, I had never heard Miriam Makeba. I was walking by a record store and saw the poster. Mesmerized, I knew I had to hear this woman in the picture. I walked right in and bought it, and it has been one of my all-time favorite CDs.

Okay, I've just about had

Okay, I’ve just about had it with trying to make this look good in IE and Netscape. NS pretty much screws me at every turn. Fine. If you’re in NS, it looks okay. If you want to see what I actually designed, use IE. I’m truly hoping NS 6 is more cooperative.

So I was sitting around

So I was sitting around the house pouting, and decided fuggit, I’m going alone. And it was a very non-depressing experience. I walked right in to the hall and took my place at the left-center of the stage (hee, guess I’m always a little left of center). Between the opening act and The The, I was able to turn and… (more…)

I've been cruising blogs. Being

I’ve been cruising blogs. Being new to this, I am just beginning to develop favorites, but I’m noticing some patterns. There definitely seem to be a couple of cliques, some groups of attitudes. Not necessarily a bad thing, it just is. I can’t help but wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. Am I stepping on any toes? Copying an idea?… (more…)

Well it's getting later and

Well it’s getting later and everyone is busy. Makes sense–it’s a gorgeous day. I’m a little more hurt than I should be probably–I’ve been looking forward to this show for a while. Guess I’ll just count on Matt to come back to P-town.

What a day. The rant

What a day. The rant about losing a friend may have a happy ending after all. I sent him the link. He wrote me back. Things look good. I’m hopeful–I really miss the butthead. In bad news today, my date for The The can’t go, for reasons I won’t divulge. I figure this is a place for me to spew,… (more…)

Up less than a week

Up less than a week and had to re-design. I shouldn’t look at other blogs. Makes me feel inferior. Still not happy with the logo, but I can work on it. Guess I don’t have much to say this morning. Except this: the worst thing about drinking a six-pack of Dew is that you don’t have any left for breakfast… (more…)

Oh, charming, woke up to

Oh, charming, woke up to some e-mail from myself this morning, from an account I haven’t used in ages. Cookie issues? Possibly. No more cookies for me. Prankster? Even more likely, since it’s a highly visible free ISP account. Bleah. And Battlefield Earth gave me nightmares. But all is not lost. I get a blue streak in my hair today.… (more…)

Just got back from watching

Just got back from watching Battlefield Earth. I laughed my ass off. Of course, the movie wasn’t funny. It was so not funny that it was funny. From the opening post-apocalyptic cliches to the endless maniacal cackling of the Psychlos, a regular laugh-riot. The best thing about this movie are the reviews that try to describe John Travolta. Like the… (more…)

Two of my faves won

Two of my faves won Webbies. Adbusters uses the slickness of the very medium it denigrates to make its point–in American society today, we are slaves to the ad-man’s message. And the message doesn’t mean anything. As for–great going! John’s philosophy brightens the web on a daily basis. Much deserved.