Okay, I've officially joined the

Okay, I’ve officially joined the ranks of powazek worshippers. I kept running into his site as I was cruising blogs and thinking it was cool. Then I ran into this. I was stunned. I immediately headed back to his main site the look more closely. Found that one of my faves, where I hung out briefly, was his gig. So,… (more…)

It isn't perfect, and I

It isn’t perfect, and I can’t get the freakin’ thing to center, but I did set up a guestbook. I like that better than email. More interactive, and all that rot. Sorry about the ads. Go here to make yourself feel better.

Slowly but surely, adding stuff

Slowly but surely, adding stuff to the page. First order of business, crush-o-the-week. Just a little fun. Those who know me may think this at odds with my celibacy. It isn’t. But more about that later. Next on the list is changing the talk to me link from a mailto to a guestbook. Then, changing all those crappy imdb and… (more…)

Finally got set up with

Finally got set up with blogger. I should be asleep.