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Evelyn Wong

Proof of Evolution on Your Body

Art Dump on Aisle Nine

Megan van der Elst and the adorable BooBoo

Winter Break

Time for a short posting break for the holidays. May you and yours have a wonderful everything. See you January 4.

Links, 11dec2015

  We were wondering about the “agony of defeat” guy over dinner. It’s a cool story.

Solomon’s Castle

I originally wrote this piece for Florida Fringe Tourism, but they have gone away, so I thought I’d copy it here for posterity. In the outback of Hardee county lies a shiny treasure, full of art, whimsy, and…puns. In the parking lot, see if you can spot any turtles in the pond. Then head down the Yellow Brick Road (painted… (more…)

Butterfly Keeper, Nelleke Schoemaker

Calvin Nicholls

Batman Pumpkin Carving


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