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redheadinrain-28apr11 Originally uploaded by frykitty There is a red-headed child of indeterminate sex in our apartment complex who shrieks a lot, and loves rain. Today, it placed a blanket over a shopping cart, squeezed itself into the bottom, and was forging through a large puddle with the help of a piece of an abandoned dresser. Ingenious, and entertaining for the… (more…)

Shabby elegance cards

Shabby elegance cards Originally uploaded by frykitty What I’ve been working on lately. They aren’t perfect, but I’m learning a lot. I’m really enjoying the wilted ribbon technique. I made up a double-embossing technique (read: lots of people probably use it, I just haven’t heard of it) where I clear-emboss and then run it all through an embossing folder, so… (more…)

Remembering frytopia

A comment on facebook got me diving into my archives.  I didn’t remember that I used to call myself “Fry”.  Bloody Futurama ruined that forever.  In any case, I found some things I wanted to bring forward. November, 2000: “Wouldn’t it be cool if our eyes turned gray along with our hair? Man, talk about being a creepy-looking old person.… (more…)

Something spicy

Something spicy Originally uploaded by frykitty This is the pretty, organized part of my spice rack. The rest is jars and bags and little plastic containers. I’d love more of these ceramic jars, but I don’t want to buy 1000, and I can’t find them anywhere else. My organizational system weeps alphabetized tears. Oh, and they’re only out of order… (more…)

Water painting

Shimmer Paper Tutorial

A few folks have asked how I did the shimmery oval for this card:   The following tutorial looks like a Tim Holtz ad, so I added in a Fiskars bonus at the end.  Materials: Pink card stock Adirondack Alcohol Inks: Pink Sherbet, Cranberry, Wild Plum, and Silver Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution Applicator handle with felt pads   Apply a… (more…)

YouTube – Joueuse de Tympanon – automate

Built in 1772 by the automaton master Robert-Houdin, this beauty was owned by Marie Antoinette. She plays eight songs on the hammer dulcimer.

Happy New Year

The Kingdom of Witches

YouTube – The Kingdom of Witches – Hi Res Version. Via Ghoul Friday

The Night Before Christmas read by Werner Herzog

Sorry I’m a few days late on this.