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It really was a happy Christmas

Christmas can be pretty damned depressing.  There are a lot of reasons, and I’m not gonna be all maudlin and go into them, but there’s one thing I know for sure: if I don’t make an effort to celebrate the season (which I adore, by the way), then Christmas is a giant sucking thing that sucks. So this year, I… (more…)

Happy Christmas!

Keyboard Bracelet!

keybracelet Originally uploaded by frykitty My friend Jen of Illusionaire Designs made this awesome bracelet for me to test. It says “frykitty”, natch.

YouTube – The Little Christmas Tree

YouTube – The Little Christmas Tree. Via Art of Darkness

Christmas 2010

Man, is it ever hard to photograph a Christmas tree at night. Yes, the cat is sleeping under the tree. I went with my bright stuff this year, and added some paper birds. Here’s a closeup:

a softer world: 622

Creepy Doll

Via StrangeDolls


Booth: I put down the toilet seat Bones: You should put down the lid, too, otherwise you’re sending aerosolised urine and feces into the air.  You’re brushing your teeth with it. Me: Did you know this? Him: Didn’t you? Want new toothbrushes?

And when it’s done

Some time tomorrow or the next day, I will have–touch wood–completed my first novel.  Novella, technically, since it will be about 50,000 words long.  I probably shouldn’t be counting my chickens.  If I come back to this entry later with my goals unfulfilled, it will depress me.  Then I’ll quietly delete it, and hope no one notices. The chicken counting… (more…)


Snake! Originally uploaded by frykitty For a Tim Burton swap. Yes, the wheel moves.