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Most folks, they have boxes of ornaments they’ve had since they were kids. Dozens of trinkets with historic, sentimental value. I think those kinds of trees are special for kids. They establish tradition, and encourage storytelling. Not to mention, kids’ ornaments are often a part of the tree (I know mine were), which sparks creativity, and shows off the results… (more…)

Felted Critters

The hiatus has been longer than expected. Honestly, I’m not all that into the blogs right now. They’ll come back. They always do. For now, posting will be sparse. I have been busy. Wanted a Nordic/woodland tree this year. I have a bunch of felt baubles I bought on clearance after Christmas last year, but I wanted to make some… (more…)

A Month of Holiday Cards: Day 6

  I’m really enjoying the understated cards. They make me feel all designer-y. I’ve been wanting to use this little Christmas tree stamp by Studio G (yep, the ones you get in the bargain bin for $1)  for a while, so that’s where my inspiration started. With this card, I actually had the whole thing in my head, pretty much… (more…)

A Month of Holiday Cards: Day 5

I love how this card turned out. I wanted to do something with my extensive (read: excessive) collection of washi tape. I made some gifts, put puff-paint ribbons on them, and realized they’d have to dry overnight. Putting those aside, I decided a circle behind a sentiment would be nice. I layered a piece of card stock with washi tape,… (more…)

A Month of Holiday Cards: Day 4

I made another video! I didn’t make the whole card on camera, because that’s very much a by-guess-and-by-gosh process. I’ll try to get better at planning so I can make a whole card vid, because I really enjoy making my little movies. Once I got used to it, Windows Movie Maker is just a blast. I even added music from… (more…)

Easy Polyclay Ornaments

We interrupt your Month of Holiday Cards for a brief tutorial. My friend GG wanted to know how to make easy polymer clay ornaments, so I made a little video. One thing I didn’t mention is you may want to use a sealer if you do the Pearl-Ex technique. SR Partners invited over 30 audio/visual designers to explore the relationship… (more…)

A Month of Holiday Cards: Day 3

  I was going through my A Card A Day book and saw a paper flower with a felt center. I thought it was adorable, so that’s where the idea for today’s card began.  Except for the kraft card base, all the paper is from Sierra Pacific’s Merry Little Christmas mini stack. I edged everything in Pumice Stone Distress Ink.… (more…)

A Month of Holiday Cards: Day 2

Sorry for the dim picture–I need to recharge my camera battery! You’ll notice a lot of brand names in this post. No, I’m not shilling, but I know when I look at other people’s stuff, I want to know exactly what they used. So I thought I should be a bit more specific. I’m pretty happy with this one. I… (more…)

A Month of Holiday Cards: Day 1

I figure November 9 is a good day to start my Month of Holiday Cards, because then I’ll be mailing these cards by about December 12. Also, I hadn’t finished the stamp I wanted to use until today. For this first card, I wanted to try this debossing technique I just found. I used Distress Inks for the background, and… (more…)

And now for my second-favorite holiday!

I still have some stragglers from Halloween that I may finish and post. There’s a felted ghost box looking forlorn on my craft table. There’s a haunted cathedral in my head that goes with the house and the gravestones. Hmm, perhaps today is a good day to organize my idea book? If I do, I’ll post. Every year I design… (more…)