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Melt Art Suncatcher

I have all these toilet paper tubes collected, and I was trying to think of something to do with them. I looked around my studio for stuff I maybe don’t use that often. And there it was: my Ranger Melting Pot. I decided to make a suncatcher, and after a few test runs, I was on my way. I used… (more…)

Gelli Printing with DIY Foam Stamps

Though I wouldn’t use their special foam stuff–I would just use takeout containers.  I love my Gelli Plate, and I love the Gelli Arts channel. Always inspiring.

Which Ink with Which Marker

Jenny of Craft Test Dummies does a definitive comparison of ten inks and six alcohol markers. Very useful!

Make Your Own Gelatin Plate

Want to try monoprinting, but don’t want to shell out for a Gelli Plate?  Here’s a very straightforward tutorial for making your own. You can make a temporary plate for $1.50, just to see if you like the process.  I did this myself many moons ago, except I think I lined the pan with plastic so I could easily lift… (more…)

Scrap paper bowl

I’ve found a new favorite crafter, and I can only understand one word out of 20. Luckily, Gustamon knows how to make a good craft video. Every step is clear. You don’t even need the occasional English notes.   Naturally, I had to try this paper bowl for myself. First, I gathered supplies. This year’s crafting for A Month of… (more…)

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

I am becoming increasingly fascinated with art dolls. I think it’s because even when they aren’t supposed to be creepy, there is always something unsettling about a fake human. And when dolls are meant to be creepy, I fall straight in love. The pull to make my own dolls is getting stronger. It required two things I suck hard at:… (more…)

Studio Tour

I really need to put some stuff on the walls.

Art, nostalgia, and felting heaven

Design Boom brings us light painting taken a step further in the artistry of Kalaam. I have always admired Arabic calligraphy. Calligraphy seems too unassuming a word for such elevated artistry. Kalaam’s alphabet is Anglo, but it is heavily steeped in Arabic tradition. The photos are not altered or retouched. Kalaam drills the movements for the painting over and over… (more…)

Felted Box

I know, this has nothing to do with Halloween, but I just couldn’t get this out of my head. I wanted to make a needle-felted box, so I did. It is tiny. That’s my wedding ring in there. I haven’t decided if I’m happy with it yet. I want it to be crisper, but felt doesn’t exactly lend itself to… (more…)

LTC catch-up

I didn’t do much while I was sick for the last two months, but here is what I managed: Arctic Fox LTC, for Winter Wonderland swap. I wasn’t very happy with this, but everyone else seemed to like it. *shrugs* Technique: Fox was stamped twice on acetate, slightly offset, first silver, then black. The acetate square was sewn to the… (more…)