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Where the Sam Hill have I been?

I have a good excuse: we had a beardie in the hospital. Our girl Portia had a prolapse we couldn’t fix after her last clutch (infertile–we are not breeding her). Turns out, that wasn’t all that was wrong. She had a terrible downturn, and we rushed her to a hospital in Tampa, an hour away. She had egg yolk peritonitis,… (more…)

Back to the Wheel

It’s been about five years since I last sat down at a pottery wheel. I’ve been ignoring the itch for a while, but finally gave in and signed up for a class at ArtCenter Manatee. I really like the instructor, who is a dyed-in-the-wool wheel thrower, so I’m already learning new things. Today, if we could manage it, we were to… (more…)

Discover a Lovelier You, Chapter 2–Your Face: The Two-Way Mirror

One thing that continually surprises me as I re-read this book is how little has changed.  The Clean-Tone-Moisturize routine for oily skin (that’s meee!) is still recommended.  To hold off the march of time, avoiding smoking, hard liquor, and the sun are still on point. One big difference, though: “By the way, if you’ve read a few frightening articles about… (more…)

Discover a Lovelier You, Chapter 1: Just the Way You Are

We all become nostalgic for the things of our childhood. For me, it was two things in particular: an album of western themes, and the book Discover a Lovelier You. I kept thinking about bits from the book, until eventually I found a used copy. I remembered every picture, and great swaths of text. There are twelve years between me… (more…)

Rainier is Trying to Kill Me

I often seek out new experiences to add to the richness of my life. Last night, I’m utterly thrilled to say, I experienced my first ambulance ride. At first, I tried to muscle through a bastardly case of food poisoning, but when consciousness threatened desertion, I gave in. “Biiii. Buhhh! Brriii,” I called from my throne of despair. Bill heard… (more…)

End of an Era

I have deadline anxiety. Weeping, swearing, teeth-gnashing anxiety that can last for weeks, and worries the hell out of the Spousal Unit. It doesn’t matter if the deadline is casual or important–with rare exceptions, they have the same devastating effect. At about 4am this morning, I got rid of my last deadline. I’d been planning a letterboxing event for this… (more…)

Make Believe

Ze Frank has resurrected A Show, and the internet rejoices. Today’s Show was about make believe:   This is something I’ve never had trouble with, much to the Spousal Unit’s frequent consternation. For example, I am convinced the Custom House in downtown Portland is full of spies. Look at it: Looming there with its stony edifice and its formal courtyard.… (more…)

Alligators and Art

Yep, that’s me, holding a juvenile alligator. As in, a young alligator, not an alligator who makes fart jokes.  My friend Anna volunteers for Hart’s Reptile Rescue, so I had a bit of an in, and got to hold not only this beauty, but a lovely bearded dragon as well.  The Spousal Unit got thoroughly snuggled by a sweet Dumeril.… (more…)

Wheel of Color

  About a week ago I had this brilliant idea.  I love to make things, but I suck at color, so wouldn’t it be handy to have a color wheel tattooed on my arm?  The instant I thought it, it “stuck”.  I knew this was the thing that had to be my second tattoo.  I wrote my friend Anna, who… (more…)

Bits of me

I was going through an old password list, and found some pieces of my web self. Some of these may require registration for you to see my profile. Not long ago, this list would have included a Geocities page. C’mon, you had one too, admit it. The one constant has always been I’ve been blogging here, frequently or not,… (more…)

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