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How I Cut My Food Bill in Half

And no, I didn’t get there with extreme couponing. I changed my shopping habits in the last week of November. Now, about eight weeks later, there’s very little I need to buy at full price. And paying full price makes me cry a little. The concept in a nutshell: 1.  Sales go in cycles. In the Southeast, it’s 6-8 weeks.… (more…)

Touch of Cinnamon Double-Chocolate Bundt Cake

I had a new bundt pan and a chocolate craving, so I decided to combine them into something delicious.  All the “easy” recipes called for chocolate cake mix and pudding. I had white and yellow, but no chocolate, and no pudding. But hey, I have plenty of baking chocolate in many forms. So, while I am notorious for making horrible… (more…)

Pad Thai, Kitty style

I first had Pad Thai at a little Thai place in Portland that no longer exists. The sauce was rich and peanutty. I soon found out, after trying the dish at many other establishments, that this wasn’t exactly traditional. Still, I loved that original Pad Thai, and was determined to figure it out. The secret is the sauce. Don’t get… (more…)

Breakfast Loaf

This is moist and yummy, and with all the nutritious things in it, makes a good addition to breakfast. If you won’t be eating both loaves quickly, be sure to freeze one–I found out the hard way that a week in the cupboard is too long! Dry ingredients 1 cup whole wheat flour 2-1/2 cups bread or all-purpose flour 1… (more…)

Falafel Burgers with Teriyaki Slaw

Dinner tonight had a very different flavor profile from my usual. But that’s why I explore recipes–to expand my horizons. I modified both recipes, because that’s what I do. Falafel (modified from this recipe by Shiksa in The Kitchen) Ingredients 2 cups garbanzo beans, soaked overnight 1 small onion, chopped 1/4 cup Italian parsley 2 cloves garlic 2 eggs  (I… (more…)

Carmel Cafe and Wine Bar

Carmel Cafe and Wine Bar served us one of the best meals we’ve had so far in Florida. And with all the good food we’ve been finding, that’s saying something. The atmosphere is modern and relaxed, with colorful abstract art on the walls. Ordering can be done with your server, or you can use the provided iPad. The iPad system… (more…)


After we came home, I looked up reviews for Poblanos Mexican Grill. One of them said “you’re an idiot if you eat here.” Well, an idiot if you eat there more than once. I liked the pretty tile work all over the restaurant. I liked the waiter who looked a little like Peter Frampton. If we’d been served food, I… (more…)

Mami Carmen’s

\We found pupusas! This little shop is on 15th street in Bradenton, just south of SR70. We got hooked on Salvadoran food at La Guanacita back in Beaverton.  As a test dish, Bill decided to order the same thing he used to: pupusas queso con loroco. They were a bit bigger, and he liked both the pupusa and the curtido… (more…)

Bangkok Tokyo, Stonewood, swimming, and turtles

There’s a reason Molly Brown was unsinkable. Got myself out to the pool today, and had a blast doing laps and watching the anoles on the fence.  I found my back uncomfortably arched during my breast stroke because my ass is, well, extremely buoyant. I haven’t done any actual swimming in decades. Once I got going, I enjoyed it. And… (more…)

Tandoor, Sandhill Cranes

Last night we went to look at our first house. We will be renting for a year or so before we buy.  The space was amazing–open plan, tile floors, high ceilings. Basically everything we ever wanted in Portland, but couldn’t find. There were a few small problems, and there are a lot of places to look at yet, so we’re… (more…)