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Links, 27 may 2016

Sakura in Tokyo from the air. Sue Jackson passed away earlier this year. This is why she was beloved to the world of automata.

Links, 29 April 2016

  Korean makeup artist transforms herself into Taylor Swift  

Links, 1apr2016

  To be fair, I couldn’t tell them apart, either.

Links, 25mar2016

Boom, pregnant

Links, 18mar2016

Alan A. Blackman, Letters to Myself, mail art. Skip to about 1:30 if you want to get to the pretties. Go to his site and click on the little video to see the effect.

Links, 11mar2016

Links, 4 mar 2016


Links, 26 feb 2016

Links, 19 feb 2016

Links, 12 feb 2016

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