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Hello Fresh

One of my favorite subscriptions is Raw Spice Bar. A few weeks ago, they sent me an email offering a discount on my first shipment from Hello Fresh, so we decided to give it a try. Hello Fresh delivers a box containing ingredients for three meals (you choose if it’s for 2 or 4 people), along with recipes. We chose… (more…)

How I Cut My Food Bill in Half

And no, I didn’t get there with extreme couponing. I changed my shopping habits in the last week of November. Now, about eight weeks later, there’s very little I need to buy at full price. And paying full price makes me cry a little. The concept in a nutshell: 1.  Sales go in cycles. In the Southeast, it’s 6-8 weeks.… (more…)

Bangkok Tokyo, Stonewood, swimming, and turtles

There’s a reason Molly Brown was unsinkable. Got myself out to the pool today, and had a blast doing laps and watching the anoles on the fence.  I found my back uncomfortably arched during my breast stroke because my ass is, well, extremely buoyant. I haven’t done any actual swimming in decades. Once I got going, I enjoyed it. And… (more…)

Farmer’s Market!

Sarasota has an adorable downtown. They’ve worked hard to make it a walking city, with nice sidewalks, small shopfronts lining the streets, and public art. There’s also plenty of parking, because the public transport sucks beach balls. The Sarasota Farmers Market was good sized, and had a nice variety. When other markets seem to have been taken over by flower… (more…)

Tiny Death

Just got a little sunburn watching Accushred NW destroy thirteen years of my online life. I took the box of seven hard drives out to the truck myself. They fit in a shoe box. I live so much of my life online. I have friends I’ve never met in real life, but are as close as family. I met my… (more…)

Lookit me, blogging ‘n’ stuff

Many times I have resolved to update frytopia more often. This is one of them. Did you know this blog is 13 freaking years old? THIRTEEN. It’s a good number. So I’ve been up to a couple things lately. Allow me to demonstrate. This is me, covered in goats. The salient fact is not the goats, but that the goats… (more…)

Credit where due

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