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Saving Money: Sign up with Brands

If you are loyal to a brand (like I am to Skippy Peanut Butter. Mmm.), it may be harder to find sales and coupons. If that thing you like is really good or popular (again, Skippy Peanut Butter), sales and coupons may be even rarer. Here’s the thing: brands want your eyeballs. They want to hear from you, and they… (more…)

How I Cut My Food Bill in Half

And no, I didn’t get there with extreme couponing. I changed my shopping habits in the last week of November. Now, about eight weeks later, there’s very little I need to buy at full price. And paying full price makes me cry a little. The concept in a nutshell: 1.  Sales go in cycles. In the Southeast, it’s 6-8 weeks.… (more…)

Budget on A Chalkboard

We’ve tried all sorts of things to get us to stick to a budget. It isn’t so much about controlling our spending–though that’s part of it–but rather about knowing exactly where everything is going. It’s a very good feeling to know what’s in your bank account without looking. Bills are done monthly, and don’t factor in to this trick. Gas… (more…)

YMOYL 2006 Review

Start Late, Finish Rich