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The Landing

THE LANDING – Short Film from Perception Pictures on Vimeo.

The Fantastic Sea-Floor Films of Jose Lachat

No overbearing narration; the story is told entirely through stunning visuals. Be sure to watch in HD if you can.     More from Aeon Video: The Sinister Bobbit Worm The Insatiable Hairy Frogfish Ma Forteresse (Mantis Shrimp)

Dragon Head Watermelon Carving

Magnetic Fields

  Aeon asks what the world would look like if we could see magnetic fields? This wonderful animated overlay is narrated by several experts on magnetism.

Australian Story: The Irwin Encounters

Can’t embed this one, but click the pic for a 30-minute documentary about Steve Irwin’s croc team, his dad, Bob, and how they finally reconnect after Steve’s death. It’s good, but bring tissue. Hat tip to the Spousal Unit.

A Month of Spookdays: The I-Can’t-Be-Arsed Moment

Something I’ve noticed about most scary movies I’ve watched: there’s always at least one moment of sheer stupidity. I’m not talking about the coed exploring the basement at night, when the electricity is out, and she’s just heard a strange noise, and most of her friends have been killed. I’m talking about lazy writing so dumb it almost seems deliberate.… (more…)

The Lake House

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Wish it had stayed silent

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