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A Month of Spookdays: Blingkin

I brought home two craft pumpkins, one black and one orange. I’d never worked with these, and wanted to do something other than just carving a face in the front. I asked myself, what do I have a ton of? Two things: big rhinestones and purple iridescent pony beads. Don’t know if I’ll use the beads yet, but here are… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Tiny Tombstones

I had a couple of old, primitively-sculpted sprigs from several years ago that I was itching to use, though I think the text stamped one is my favorite.  Polyclay, about 2″ tall.  I’m just in love with these. They will make a fine tiny cemetery. For my next project, I took out my large peanut-butter jar full of silvery rhinestones. … (more…)

A Month Of Spookdays: Something Old

I was looking for headstone shapes, and dug this up from 2006, back when I was making headstones from insulating foam.  These have all gone to friends, and I still think they’re awesome.  Eaton Biabear? Felinda Woodchipper? Ha, I crack me up.  And now I’m going to use these shapes to make something much, much smaller.  More later.

A Month of Spookdays: Polyclay Haunted House

Polyclay Haunted House Originally uploaded by frykitty What I’ve been working on this weekend. Pretty happy with the result.

Best 10/10/10 Ever. Includes Spooky Linkdump!

The agenda: Lunch at Bocelli’s with a new friend.  She gave me a stack of awesome LTCs!  Then, met up with some other friends and headed off to the Halloween Bazaar, where we met the Great Pumpkin, and saw lots of super costuming and tempting vendors.  Oh, how I wanted a steampunk raygun!  I collected a bunch of cards, so… (more…)

2010 Portland Area Haunts

Okay, here’s the list so far: Davis Graveyard is a huge yard display, and is not optional–if you’ve never seen it, you simply must go.  This year, haunters from all over have sent in spectacular sculptures for the new spider tree.  I can’t wait.  Starts October 8. 13th Door. Run by the same folks who own Glowing Greens,  13th Door… (more…)

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