She is sitting at the front of the bus, clutching a clear plastic bag. The bag is filled with neatly crocheted squares, in baby colors. On the front of the bag I can make out the word PATIENT. It must be some clever comment on yarn arts, I think.

As she leaves the bus, I see the other word is BELONGINGS. After a moment, I realize the bag is from a hospital. Still, crocheted squares are what I would consider a patient belonging.

Other patient belongings:

  • Slippers

  • An old dog
  • A chipped teacup
  • A wooden ruler
  • Houseplants

Impatient belongings:

  • Cars

  • Wristwatches
  • Electric can openers
  • Kleenex


I don't do this very often anymore, but sometimes I run across a site that simply must be mentioned.

Alas, A Blog is one of the best reads I've seen in ages. Entries are well-considered and even-handed. The writing is bright and easy to follow--especially for slackers like me to won't scroll unless they are compelled by the content.

For an added treat, the author is a cartoonist, and a good one.

So go heap praise on him already.


Succaland, home of my friend Nick, has been stolen. It's easy to steal a domain name from some registrars. All that's required is a fax. They don't even bother to check with the owner--a simple, simple matter.

I recently moved all my domains to Dotster. While they double-checked via email, my current registrar, Verisign, did not. They just handed over the keys. I'm so glad I switched.

But that won't help Succa. His domain was stolen by a place called Ultimate search, and they do this on a regular basis. I wouldn't recommend writing them, as it rarely does any good to reason with a criminal. You might yell at namesecure for him, but the best thing is to spread the word! Talk about this issue on your blog! Get the word out there about unsafe registrars! And most of all: move your domains.


I've been thinking about doing a new bio in the form of a silly Ode to Me. I may still, but I thought I could have a little more fun than that. Instead, Haikyou: (bad) Haiku to my favorite people. Here's a beginning. If I'm not killed by my unwilling subjects, there will be more to come.

X-phile amazing
Does she love the Duchovny?
Moreso: Anderson.

A little gay porn
Never hurt the merest mouse
Perhaps mussed his fur.

All hobos beware
Libertarian distaste
Will chase you with wit.