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A Month of Spookdays: Paper Lantern

I’ve seen a few paper lanterns about, and they all have one thing in common: they are too complicated for me! When it comes to paper cutting, I must, of necessity, keep it very simple. I had a lot of fun putting together this easy paper lantern. If you like my design, I’ve created a couple templates so you can… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Bird’s Nest Ghost

My fabulous in-laws sent me Home, Paper, Scissors, by Patricia Zapata, for my birthday. Of course the first thing I thought when I was looking through the book is: ‘how can I make this spooky?’ (Doesn’t every0ne think that?) The first project in the book (the one on the cover) is Bird’s Nest Bowls. She used plastic wrap, which I… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Candles

My current craft project is taking longer than expected, so tonight you get…a filler post! Here is my collection of Halloween candles. Most of them came from Michael’s and Target this year, both of which had lovely stuff. Those teeny kitties in the front came from a witchcraft shop in Ashland, Oregon. They were meant to harness the power of… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Lighted Ghost Garland

Sometimes, you do the project; sometimes, the project does you. I think I’d become over-confident, with a few projects going exactly how I wanted them to. Oh, not this time, boy-o!  First the clay, Cernit Translucent–which is normally well-behaved–was the consistency of sticky cream cheese. I think there’s more Armor-All in there than clay. Then my first stringing solution didn’t… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Halloween Trading Cards

I have a hobby called letterboxing. It’s a treasure hunt where you hand-carve rubber stamps and leave them in interesting places for others to find. Then you go find theirs. An adjunct to this hobby is the Letterbox Trading Card.  It’s like an Artist Trading Card, but it must include a hand-carved stamp. This year, I planted a series of… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Ghost Roast

  Later in the month, I will be heading to a potluck. It is far-away, and in a park, so I needed something that would be very portable, and good cold.  I also wanted something savory and vegetarian, because there’s always tons of meat and sweets at these things. Though I may experiment with a few more ideas, so far,… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Pearl Dots Pumpkin

I love this thing. I had a couple of false starts, but the project was a lot of fun. Easy, too, if you have the right tools.  Seriously, I wouldn’t have attempted this without a Dremel and a flex-shaft attachment. Cut a large hole in the bottom of the pumpkin, so you can place it over lights.  I use electric… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Too Cute to Spook

I don’t know why it took me so long to pick up card making. I think it didn’t catch my interest until my friend Marj got me started. Suddenly, I had something to do with all that paper I couldn’t stop collecting. In fact, I have a deep, abiding love for most paper-crafting supplies, and making cards is a fun… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Blingkin

I brought home two craft pumpkins, one black and one orange. I’d never worked with these, and wanted to do something other than just carving a face in the front. I asked myself, what do I have a ton of? Two things: big rhinestones and purple iridescent pony beads. Don’t know if I’ll use the beads yet, but here are… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Tiny Tombstones

I had a couple of old, primitively-sculpted sprigs from several years ago that I was itching to use, though I think the text stamped one is my favorite.  Polyclay, about 2″ tall.  I’m just in love with these. They will make a fine tiny cemetery. For my next project, I took out my large peanut-butter jar full of silvery rhinestones. … (more…)