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Enchanting Adornments

Silvan Arts

If you like the faerie/Celtic aesthetic, the lovely work of Silvan Arts may appeal.

Via Latte Art

Found this shop through one of my polyclay groups. She does lots of darling things, but I like the owls best.

Lizard Prezzies

You all know someone who loves reptiles, right?  Here are some holiday present ideas.

Head in the Game

I wrote this whole entry about crowns for evil queens, and realized it just had to go on Spooky Moon. I love headbands and tiaras, I just don’t have any. I may have to fix that. Here are some of the less evil things I found whilst poking around. I love the modern look of this. For the wired queen.… (more…)

Magia Mexica

Magia Mexica trades Mexican handcrafts, and their shop is beautifully curated. I found them looking for Huichol bead work, which I adore, but they have all kinds of stuff from all over Mexico. I could fill a room with their stunning collection of Alibrijes, Oaxacan wood carvings. There are lots of other types of crafts as well. I only wish… (more…)


GetSTUFT makes fantastic nerdy goodies, like this Shuma-Gorath plushie, and this Mario Star Tree-Topper, but what I want to show you are the bearded dragon clothes. Because adorbs. Of course there are wings. I like that wing/spike set. Here’s something for the Potter fans. Candygram. And of course, a dapper outfit for Halloween.

Anubis Collections

Jason Shanaman

Not into the apes, but he does mighty pretty lizards. And the jewelry is very reasonably priced. Etsy shop.

MaKars Studio

Irena and Andrey carve lovely things in their studio in Ukraine. Here are a few of my favorites from their Etsy shop: