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Ashes2Beauty is a bronze charm shop, and they carry some of the more unusual pieces I’ve seen, including doll parts. They have an especially large selection of eyes. Other neat doo-dads abound. Most of it has a nice, primitive feel. I’m dying to grab some of this stuff for my art.

Fiori Couture

I’ve categorized this under “shopping,” but let’s face it, I don’t know anyone who can afford this stuff. But it sure is pretty. Steel corsets, crowns, and gorgeous, ethereal clothing.  Careful scratching at your screen.

Custom Car Emblems

You know those chrome (or in the case of Chevy, tacky gold plate) emblems that indicate the car maker? Did you know you can get your own? Yep, pry that Hyundai emblem off and replace it with, oh… Or maybe this. You don’t have to settle for chrome. You can get gold, or even colors. Most companies have stock designs (like… (more…)

Fairy Doors

I know I’m often the Queen of Creep, but I also have a softer side. Believe it or not, I subscribe to Faerie Magazine.  I love the idea of worlds hidden from our own–especially right under our noses. I haven’t made one yet, but I adore (see what I did there?) fairy doors. So I thought I’d hunt around for… (more…)