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Alan Manuel Gonzalez

Lisa Evans, Hanami

Ellie Davies

Ellie Davies creates magical forest images. I expect the Fairy Queen is watching from the shadows.

Engraved Windows at St. Nicholas’ Church

Shayna Lieb

Just a quick-and-dirty art post today, but a wonderful one. I love glass work, and Shayna Lieb‘s delicate explorations blow me away.

Fire Garden by Walk the Plank

  Walk the Plank does some cool performance and installation work. This is beautiful, though I’d probably put my hair in a swim cap.

David Wyatt

  David Wyatt Illustration

Miya Ando’s “Obon”

Marthe Armitage, Handmade Wallpapers

  Thanks so much, Ivy, for sending this to me.  

Diana Sudyka, Blackfox

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