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Making a Kaleidoscope

Bet you could do this at home.    

Elspeth McLean

I wish she had some stones up in her Etsy shop, because they sure are pretty. She has a way with color.

Sky Magic

  Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Su-Jeong Nam

The Owlvengers

Walter Potter, The Man Who Married Kittens

I admit that though it is hip, I am not so much into taxidermy. But this guy–this is some amazing outsider art. Click through for the 20-minute documentary from Morbid Anatomy.

Gaël Giudicelli, Punishment of Sins: Lust

Cool Instruments

Went down the rabbit hole the other day, looking and unusual instruments. First up, the Gittler Guitar, no fret board, no wood:   The old and beautiful wheelharp:   The diddley bow has a long, interesting history. I like this electric version.   The microtonal guitar. If you want to see him play the “completely messed up” one, skip to… (more…)

Hikaru Dorodango

I remember reading about this ages ago. I tried it for all of ten minutes. This is a lovely little film about making mud balls. Really pretty mud balls. Buck the Cubicle #2 from P2 Photography on Vimeo.

Carol Long Pottery

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