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Gaël Giudicelli, Punishment of Sins: Lust

Cool Instruments

Went down the rabbit hole the other day, looking and unusual instruments. First up, the Gittler Guitar, no fret board, no wood:   The old and beautiful wheelharp:   The diddley bow has a long, interesting history. I like this electric version.   The microtonal guitar. If you want to see him play the “completely messed up” one, skip to… (more…)

Hikaru Dorodango

I remember reading about this ages ago. I tried it for all of ten minutes. This is a lovely little film about making mud balls. Really pretty mud balls. Buck the Cubicle #2 from P2 Photography on Vimeo.

Carol Long Pottery


Short but sweet, “Kulning” is an ancient Swedish cattle call. Here’s another one:  

Art Dump of the Living Dead

I’m glad y’all like art dumps, because I gather way too much for fogbound on a regular basis.

Sylvain Le Guen, Fan Maker

He describes my youthful fascination with fans perfectly. This is lovely.  Here is his website, though there are more photos on his facebook page.  

Art Dump, Because We Care

Art Dump

I have a large backlog of stuff for fogbound, so I thought I’d dump some of it here, in single-serving size.

Chanel–Making of 2016 Haute Couture Collection

  Wow, the work that goes into this.