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Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

Much thanks to my sister for this link. Wish I could see it in person!


“I get asked for where I get my inspiration from a lot. And it seems such a redundant question when you’re alive.”

Paper Cut Dance

From what I can gather, “Paper Cutting Girls” or “Paper Cut Girl” is a national folk dance about Jian zhi, Chinese Paper Cutting. This is a very fun version of the dance. Notice how they have their fingers shaped like scissors when they sweep their hands in a cutting motion. Bonus video! I found this in the side bar, and it’s just gorgeous.… (more…)

Archie the RedCat, Dancing With Butterfly

Street Painting

  The problem with these street spray painters is that they’re so fun to watch, you want to buy the painting. Then you get home and wonder what the hell you were thinking.

Undo, Nancy Zhang

Alan Manuel Gonzalez

Lisa Evans, Hanami

Ellie Davies

Ellie Davies creates magical forest images. I expect the Fairy Queen is watching from the shadows.

Engraved Windows at St. Nicholas’ Church