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Nika in Wonderland

Found a new art journal blogger! I love sped-up videos of the process. And she actually uses those Heidi Swapp two-part stencils the way they’re supposed to be used.

Jenny Schukin

  See more at her deviantArt page, facebook page, and Etsy shop.

Rubis Firenos

  Rubis Firenos on deviantArt.

France Papillon

France Papillon is one of the first artists I followed when I started art journaling. Her style is unique, and her videos are watchable. Here is the latest.

Mesmerizing Creation of Japanese Kokeshi Doll

鳴子系こけし/こけしの岡仁 from dmp on Vimeo.

Ramon Todo

Ghosts, Chips, and Hot Maori Boys

I’ve been planning on make some seasoned chips for Halloween. I’d stored the “ghost chips” recipe in Evernote. I have Evernote set up so its results come up when I use Google. And that’s how all this started. See, a video came up in Google, next to my Evernote stuff. It is an anti drunk-driving ad from New Zealand: But… (more…)

OPA 2013

We had a great time at the Oregon Potters Association show, and its sister show, Gathering of the Guilds. The OPA show was bigger this year, with lots of new faces. We wanted to fill in a couple gaps in our collection; potters we’d looked at for years, but didn’t have any pieces from. We were mostly successful, though still… (more…)

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

I am becoming increasingly fascinated with art dolls. I think it’s because even when they aren’t supposed to be creepy, there is always something unsettling about a fake human. And when dolls are meant to be creepy, I fall straight in love. The pull to make my own dolls is getting stronger. It required two things I suck hard at:… (more…)

The Fun Farm

The Fun Farm is a little bit north of Bend, Oregon, east side of the highway. It’s hard to spot, because the town won’t allow signs on the highway. Just look for the bowling-ball tree and the field of goats. We showed up about 30 minutes before closing, but as we learned at Petersen Rock Gardens, “Bend time” is a… (more…)