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Petersen Rock Garden

There are a few things I love more than letterboxing. Which is why, when we recently went to Central Oregon for a letterboxing event, I spent some time touring the local outsider art. Rasmus Petersen immigrated from Denmark, and built the Garden in the last 17 years of his life, from 1935 to 1952. It was his tribute to his… (more…)

Around the interwebs

Very cool stop-motion vid from Jamie Caliri for The Shins:     Nick Cave’s Shamanic Sound Suits (sorry, Spousal Unit, not that Nick Cave):     Urban Geodes:     Stunning porcelain art dolls from Marmite Sue:     Finally, a spooky little automaton by Thomas Kuntz:  

Art, nostalgia, and felting heaven

Design Boom brings us light painting taken a step further in the artistry of Kalaam. I have always admired Arabic calligraphy. Calligraphy seems too unassuming a word for such elevated artistry. Kalaam’s alphabet is Anglo, but it is heavily steeped in Arabic tradition. The photos are not altered or retouched. Kalaam drills the movements for the painting over and over… (more…)

OPA 2011

Went to the Oregon Potters Association Ceramic Showcase tonight and, as usual, spent a little too much.  But not much too much.  It’s become an annual ritual we not only enjoy while we’re there, but continue to appreciate as we gloat over our treasures.  Below is this year’s loot.  Where possible, the photo links to the artist’s site.    … (more…)

Art Things With Which I Have Become Annoyed

Now, I don’t mean to say that an artist shouldn’t make any damned thing they please.  Really, go on, do as you like.  Just don’t expect me to think you aren’t full of shit. Caveat: I’ve had the flu for more than a month, so it’s possible I’m just cranky.  Gonna rant anyway. I look at a lot of art… (more…)

Not About The Book Alone

Yes, Author, I realize you don’t like it when people give low stars on Amazon for Kindle formatting issues. I know you want to be reviewed on your literary merits, or at least those things within your control. Problem is, to a reader, formatting matters. I want to see that information in a review. I also want formatting errors fixed,… (more…)

Best Books of 2010

Okay, we’re a few days into January, so I suppose it’s time to talk about my favorite books of 2010. First, a few words about how the heck I can possibly sort all this out. I read 510 books last year. A lot of them were novellas–about 50k words. I read at least a full-length novel per day. I’m actually… (more…)

NBC Mystery Movie

Anybody remember the NBC Mystery Movie?  We watched it every week.  I didn’t so much like Columbo or McMillan & Wife, but I was a sucker for McCloud and Hec Ramsey.  They hardly ever showed Hec Ramsey. So I was thinking…this would be a neat format for a mystery series with cozies.  You know, the mysteries with the little dress/book/donut… (more…)

On nanowrimo, and fantasies of being a Real Writer

As I put aside a horrible book after getting halfway through tonight, I realized that such books are encouraging: if that piece of crap can get published, surely I have a chance?  And I do have a chance.  I write well.  I’m not going to play falsely modest.  My fiction is quite readable.  The only problem with it is that… (more…)


Because of this post at All Things Paper (which, by the way, is a fine, fine blog), I have discovered a new beautiful thing: Kolam, or Rangoli. Women draw these ephemeral patterns on the ground outside their doorsteps. Similar to sand painting, white and colored rice powder is used to create the art. Dots and lines are drawn first, to… (more…)