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Wishlist for Kindle items: Amazon, you’re doin’ it wrong

Amazon recently updated the way wishlists work; they now show release dates for print pre-orders.  Great!  At the same time, they removed any clue that Kindle pre-orders were available yet.  Oh, not great.  Here’s a snippet from my list, to show you what I mean: Wait for Dusk hasn’t been released yet.  On my wishlist, it looks exactly the same… (more…)

Some Girls Bite, by Chloe Neill

Today’s pararom/UF recommendation (like I’ll do this every day): Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill. Clear writing, an interesting world, and fun, memorable characters support this Urban Fantasy. Merit had the life she wanted, but it was swept away when a vampire saved her from the brink of death. Can she make the best of it, or will she go… (more…)

Picture this

I am not a speed-reader. Sure, I read darned fast, but I’ve never broken the sound-barrier because I like to picture what I’m reading. I play a movie in my head. I like to know where everyone is standing, what the place looks like, and most of all, what the characters look like. Most of the time, I’ll try to… (more…)


A question for authors: what is the editing process? Not the stuff you do, but the copy-editing sweeps made before publication? Is there software involved? Is it…evil software? Here’s the thing. I noticed twice in CE Murphy’s Walking Dead that the word “dredges” was subbed for the word “dregs”. I hate this kind of thing. Snaps me right out of… (more…)

Art. Hmph.

Vaudeville in Portland

A great shipping notification

Bad Music

Tiny Trees