Monthly Archives: May 2000

Okay, okay, that was pretty

Okay, okay, that was pretty negative. I don’t apologize for my opinion, but I do apologize for spewing the negative vibes to my unfortunate three readers. Sometimes the ignore button goes invisible for a few minutes. I’m gonna leave the blog there just to remind myself what an asshole I am.

Well, I was already pissed

Well, I was already pissed about something, then I read Ben Brown. Can’t think of a good reason why everyone (or anyone) in the world should conform to his vision. Can’t think why he gets snarked off that bloggers are doing something they enjoy. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Teach by example, not trample. If people want… (more…)

Lunch shoppie: The last one

Lunch shoppie: The last one I bought because my friend Jamie commanded me to. I buy any music he tells me to, as soon as I possibly can. And for good reason.

The best roommate I've ever

The best roommate I’ve ever had moves out at the end of the month. So here are a couple of lists for him: Things I Won’t Miss About Scott Housecleaning=a load of dishes once a week Sitcoms Hair in the bathroom sink That constantly annoyed tone of voice Things I Will Miss About Scott Having a good friend to talk… (more…)

$10??? I think after you

$10??? I think after you ate all my popcorn and drank half my pop, it’s more like $2.75. But hey, I’m not gonna quibble with such a good friend. The check’s in the mail.

morning feed     ….

morning feed     ….     beat atesque on the nerd quiz by getting 35 out of 40. I’m not necessarily proud of that.     ….    okay, just sharing the love here, but I truly enjoy looking at expiration date. That design makes me happy.    ….   I’ve always thought pez dispensers were cool, but the candy… (more…)

Threllism: Weird Al is cute

Threllism: Weird Al is cute when he shaves and gets rid of the creepy sex-offender hair.

So I dreamed at was

So I dreamed at was at this restaurant down the street called Xavier’s (which reminds me of the Happy Hooker. Yeah, I know that was Xaviera, but the whole HH thing had a deep impact on me as a child.) with this chick that looked just like Bjork, only her name is Andrea. (I swear this isn’t because of this… (more…)

On the reader-board of the

On the reader-board of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (yeah, I have a thing for church reader-boards): “Aspire to Inspire B4 you Expire.”

Kel: The guy in the

Kel: The guy in the truck next to us has a nice profile. Me: He just turned around and he has a nice front-file too! Kel: Ooh…I wonder what his X-file is like!