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Kat has nice winks. And

Kat has nice winks. And I want her Hello Kitty shaver.

I was fretting that I

I was fretting that I didn’t gave a gif animator because I let my Coffee Cup GIF Animator demo expire before I paid for it, then I got this in the mail: We Need You ! Your vote counts for the SIAF People’s Choice Awards, and if you vote now you will receive the Registered version of CoffeeCup GIF Animator… (more…)

"The truth will set you

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” — Gloria Steinem ….speaking of feminism, the above and following quotes are from a great article that encompasses a lot of what the bloggunity has been talking about: “Any large, very inclusive group is going to have differences,” UC’s Haney said. “To talk about divisions and fractions… (more…)

I've been called cool. Life

I’ve been called cool. Life is good. And props to the local buds.

So I'm on the phone

So I’m on the phone with Kelly, and he’s telling me about this guy that answered his personal ad. A 47-year-old Asian cowboy that quotes poetry and wants to learn to play the bagpipes. I admit I’m not much for a boot-scoot, but this guy sounds downright nifty. Dammit! Why don’t any straight Asian guys like to wear kilts! I… (more…)

Yes, yes, yes, this is

Yes, yes, yes, this is the beginning of the answer to online music. Treat it like a bar or radio station. It’s just a start–we still need copying issues resolved. But hey, it’s nice to see somebody using the ole’ noggin’.

The morning feed    

The morning feed         …         Barbelith has a nice overview of the whole Feminist Media Watch thang. My opinion? Well if you don’t have anything nice to say…oh hell, here it is: Feminists need a sense of humor. Loosen up. Teach by example, not by trample         ….    … (more…)

The message on the readerboard

The message on the readerboard at the church on 122nd Street is “Life’s Short! Find joy in it!” Not bad. I prefer the one they had up about a year ago: “Original thinking is lonely.” Yep. Love that one. Bummer is, by the time I got my lazy ass out there with a camera, they’d taken it down. I should… (more…)

Warning: the following post contains

Warning: the following post contains naughty words. If words or phrases like “fuck”, “shit”, “cockbite”, “sonofabitch”, or “crack whore on a trolley” make you apoplectic or otherwise swivel your shorts, stop reading immediately. Thank you. From time to time as I’m waiting for my bus connection home, I’ll run into this delightful couple that, for purposes of anonymity and because… (more…)

Yeah, I know my "nutshell"

Yeah, I know my “nutshell” link sucks. Believe it or not, I hate talking about myself. I just like talking about stuff. I will, however, stretch my creative abilities a little later to make it less sucky. I mean, I’m pretty great and all, so I should be able to think of something to say. Har. On a strange note,… (more…)