Monthly Archives: May 2000

I've just begun my Nina

I’ve just begun my Nina collection. I tend to be obsessive about these things, and try to get everything I can. Luckily for me and the world, Nina still does concerts from time to time. I know I’ll be watching for her.

It wasn't until later that

It wasn’t until later that I decided to buy a collection of her best work. I actually managed to get both volumes in one package. Boy, was I in for a surprise. That raspy voice was a product of age–Simone’s voice in youth was rich, seductive, angry, powerful…bloody amazing.

After the movie, I went

After the movie, I went right out and bought the first thing I could find. It was a live disc called My Baby Just Cares for Me. Apparently there are about twelve discs of hers with the same title. I haven’t seen a match since. The concert was taped in Nina’s later years. Her voice was brash and raspy–I loved… (more…)

I was first introduced

I was first introduced to the music of Nina Simone from the movie Point of No Return. I still haven’t seen the original, La Femme Nikita, because I can’t find a subtitled version. I hate dubs.

Okay, we really do have

Okay, we really do have a theme for a few posts today. I like themes. Today it’s the incomparable Nina Simone. That’s Doctor Simone to you.

Also, I only used poor

Also, I only used poor Mark to make a point. I really do love the guy. Who doesn’t? He’s such a sweet puppy.

Read the third paragraph of

Read the third paragraph of this article very carefully. My parents always said I’d grow up to be a boy. Guess it happens at about 50.

Just to be absolutely clear–I

Just to be absolutely clear–I did NOT make the aforementioned rules. I gleaned them from cruising other blogs. I sure as hell don’t agree with most of them. We now return to our regular program of sarcasm and banana-peel jokes.

I, the amazing frykitty, will

I, the amazing frykitty, will now attempt to break as many rules as possible in ONE STUPENDOUS POST! Let me begin by saying that I’m developing a particular fondness for three delectable bloggers. ::snif:: I love you guys, even if you link to me way too much. Jeeze, don’t you think 1,650 unique visitors a day is enough for any… (more…)

So as nearly as I

So as nearly as I can determine, these are the rules for blogging: Don’t link to other blogs. If another blog links to you, don’t get all goopy about it. Do include content other than your blog. Don’t call it “content”. Don’t snipe at other blogs. If someone snipes at you, link to them. Always include pictures of your boobs.… (more…)