Monthly Archives: May 2000

I did find a little

I did find a little site for The Minx. It’s a dead site, but at least it’s not ugly.

I've discovered it's very difficult

I’ve discovered it’s very difficult to find pages on Peter Milligan. Especially pretty ones that have been updated recently. Surely I can’t be the only one that follows the author of Minx, The Enigma, Egypt, and billions of others. Okay, so he also did the film adaptation for Tank Girl. Nobody’s perfect.

Yes!! Someone else cares about

Yes!! Someone else cares about one of my favorite bands. They even point you to their official site, which I had been looking for. In fact, this whole zine looks cool.

I realize some folks think

I realize some folks think of the term “morning dew” as evidence of the evening accumulation of moisture on foliage. I, on the other hand, think of it as the a.m. consumption of a highly-caffeinated, sugary beverage that looks like pee. Yum

Sleep calls. Looks like I'll

Sleep calls. Looks like I’ll get a nap before work. Luckily I wasn’t exactly sleep deprived this weekend. Just got my schedule turned around, as usual. I’d complain about working day-shift, but it doesn’t bother me. I’d rather have my most creative hours to myself. See you all in a few hours.

Just a quick note to

Just a quick note to “dear frykitty” fans: yesterday’s installment, my boss is a weenie, will be up for another day so that it may be more easily reached by its target audience. You know who you are. Also, think I’m gonna go weekly on this puppy. Less pressure. Pressure bad.

Thank you webmistress for the

Thank you webmistress for the Shoestring Picture Dicer. I envision many hours of frolicsome fun!

Updated my bloglove section. I'm

Updated my bloglove section. I’m really trying to cut down, but finding it difficult. So what do I do? Separate into two sections. Hah. Some help. A little disclaimer: Just because it’s in my “bloglove” section does not mean it’s a blog. I just wanted that to be clear. There are a couple of non-bloggish things in there. Someday I’ll… (more…)

D.F.I. finally has a layout.

D.F.I. finally has a layout. I like it. And now I gotta stop linking to the guy. I mean, three times in two days…tacky. Heh.

The following is a Personal

The following is a Personal Thought. Skip if you’re feeling light-hearted. Why does my picture of me not match the reality? Sure, my life is great, but it’s not the life in my head. Mind you, my head-life (heh, sounds like head-lice) is nothing spectacular. It’s just a little different than what’s going on. It’s like I’m a walking cognitive… (more…)