Monthly Archives: May 2000

Nah, I won't cheat, but

Nah, I won’t cheat, but thanks for the idea. After all, it’s as much (okay, more) about quality as it is about quantity. Is that just the rationalization of someone who knows they won’t hit the top of the list today? Maybe. Maybe not. I do happen to think I do some fine bloggin’. We will blog no link before… (more…)

Just got out of a

Just got out of a hot tub, where I finished Waiting, by Frank Robinson. Good stuff. I’ve been out of the fiction mood for a while, and this was a good jaunt. Yeah, and it’s 5:30pm, and I still haven’t gotten dressed. Just sittin’ in my nightie for the whole freakin’ day. Now I’m gonna have more ice cream. Gawd… (more…)

Offended me? What? Oh…you just

Offended me? What? Oh…you just said that so I’d link you again, didn’t you? Heh. Good one.

I know my little mood

I know my little mood indicator has been something of a downer today. It’s not about this place. I’m really happy with this site and the feedback I’ve been getting. I recently decided to close another site, which means breaking up a community I’ve been working with for a long time. Sorry, can’t link it–it’s a private site. I won’t… (more…)

Actually, I was getting ready

Actually, I was getting ready to take a break. I often do a lot up until the early afternoon. Don’t let it rankle you. Blog on.

This is one of those

This is one of those serendipitous things. I clicked on the link because my roommate’s name is Scott Raymond. Normally I wouldn’t share a whole name like that, but he’s an artist and everyone will know his name eventually anyway. Yes, he’s that good. Someday he’ll let me put something up. Anyway, turns out Raymond Scott is one of the… (more…)

[insert tacky Scottish accent] For

[insert tacky Scottish accent] For God’s sake girrl, get the rest of your website up! [end TSA] And that’s not a dig. I wanna see the rest of it because it looks cool, dammit!

Why burn your money when

Why burn your money when you can fold it into an attractive gift box?

Uh oh. I suddenly realized

Uh oh. I suddenly realized that I’m sitting here surfing and putting up links and OH NO I’M ACTUALLY BLOGGING! I didn’t mean it. Really. I just wanted to keep these sites, and, well, this seemed like a good way, and, well, I wanted to share them too, and, well, oh I guess there’s just no excuse. Of course I’m… (more…)

I'm feeling the need for

I’m feeling the need for one more Miriam Makeba link. So here is a site with some Makeba Quotes.