Monthly Archives: June 2000

These are the kinds of acts that change the world. He won't be the last to open doors to Cuba. I've never been to Cuba, so I can't judge them. I can say that the U.S. has tried over the decades to influence Cuban society by punishment; a notoriously ineffective method. I question that we need to change anything, because as I said, I don't know Cuba. But the way to lead is by example. This is the right example. Go George.

Little things have been making me angry lately. Some fartwit can't fill out a form properly. The boss forgets to do some minor bit. Things I normally laugh off are making me absolutely seeth. Not just for a little while either. I've been staying angry for hours. I get the feeling I'm upset about something under the surface. Guess I'd better spend some time being introspective this weekend.

Well, Katya, I think it's probably just over-exposure. I don't watch her show, but then I hate almost all television. The only thing I find irritating about Oprah is her inability to embrace her big beautiful self. But hey, no one is perfect. There aren't a lot of people in power (and she has a lot of it) that have used it to do real good in the world. Like getting families to have dinner together, or teaching basic fiscal responsibility. Or, and especially this, getting people to read real books. The world has so few heroes. It's hard to see this one that's under our noses. It's easy to assume that it's because Oprah is female, fat, and black--but I like to give folks more credit than that. I think people have just had too much of her, and are losing sight of her accomplishments.