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What is it with all

What is it with all the redesigns? Nope, no links. Pretty much everyone is redesigning, so it doesn’t matter where you go. And next question–why does it sound so appealing? Uh oh.

So I'm cruising my dailies

So I’m cruising my dailies and I pop over to Stuy’s, and he’s all giggly about being a woogoo. So naturally I click through. Oh. My. The members list is random clickage to web wetness. Ohhh…I am enjoying looking at these beautiful sites. So what’s Stuy doing there? Heh.

Big Gay Al says:"don't ask,

Big Gay Al says:“don’t ask, don’t tell!”

Okay, obviously I'm not a

Okay, obviously I’m not a sports fan, but this article made me laugh. Dwaayyyne…

Okay, I finally finished something

Okay, I finally finished something I can show off. At least I like it. The photo grid kind of designs itself when you reload. Translation: ooooh…fry knows how to make a spacer gif! Hee.

I don't care what the

I don’t care what the reviewer thinks. Men in kilts rock my world. Even this one.

Today's wit from is

Today’s wit from is from Dominick: “Have you ever wanted to remind someone, in the middle of a conversation, that you don’t give a shit what they’re talking about?”

Just wanted to send a

Just wanted to send a public congrats to my friend T, who came out to her parents last weekend. It’s the thing she never wanted to do, but knew she had to. In the end, it wasn’t as bad as she thought. A relief to all of us who love her.

A while ago I helped

A while ago I helped a friend get through an HTML class. We created a page for his favorite game, Ultima Online. This article is a fascinating look at the culture Ultima has created.