Monthly Archives: June 2000

This is a kick. I

This is a kick. I still haven’t figured out exactly what it is, but I like most of the design.

Nader gets serious. I am

Nader gets serious. I am so freakin’ excited about this I could just squeal. If Nader has a serious campaign, I’ll actually have a CHOICE. Giggle.

If you're reading this, go

If you’re reading this, go here and vote for frytopia. I was happy just voting for jerwin and leaving the rest to fate, but Fred is encouraging us to call upon our minions. I have many minions.

Woohoo! We're #3!!! Portland shuffles

Woohoo! We’re #3!!! Portland shuffles to work in a depressed haze. Half of the front page of the local rag is one huge picture of two players–one ashamed and one stunned, angry. Stories make liberal use of the word “choke”. I wasn’t there, I didn’t watch. I haven’t cared since 1977, when, fresh from winning the championship, the Blazers promptly… (more…)

I, the Amazing Fry Kittio,

I, the Amazing Fry Kittio, have a few predictions concerning tomorrow: I’m going to wish I were dead I will be unable to move my right hand, and will have a strange tingling in my left I will not be blogging a whole helluva lot Regular features will likely wait a day Does all this suck? Sure. Do you still… (more…)

Ahhhh…I've been working so hard

Ahhhh…I’ve been working so hard my mouse hand feels like I ran over it with a truck. Of course, it’s nothing I can show off here, dammit. Ah well. Soon. Heh.

It isn't just that Fred

It isn’t just that Fred said nice things about me. It’s that he said nice things about the stuff I care about. He didn’t say “nice design” or “cute buttons”, he said fantastic original content. I think I’m in love.

New crush. Admit it, you

New crush. Admit it, you love him too.

Okay, okay, I went to

Okay, okay, I went to my stupid host’s site, and they do have an announcement up. An e-mail a few days ahead of time would be better…but they are improving. Used to be just ::boom::, too bad. Sigh. Well, all this should be visible to the public at large in a few hours.

This is hilarious. I can

This is hilarious. I can update via blogger, I can open my FTP connection, I can even get to my mail. BUT MY PAGE IS DOWN. Hey! Webhost people! You SUCK!