Monthly Archives: June 2000

I know I shouldn't be

I know I shouldn’t be lifting things like this…but you can’t convince me that this thumbnail: doesn’t look like a guy fondling an enormous penis. Now go look at the actual graphic for the story. It it were me, I would have done this on purpose of course.

Which reminds me… Yesterday I

Which reminds me… Yesterday I stopped and talked to one of those orange-robed monk guys. He asked if I’d ever met a monk. I said “not this week.” I should have said: “not one as cute as you…” I just love that little paint thing they do on their noses. We talked for a few minutes about the “big questions.”… (more…)

About 18 months ago I

About 18 months ago I went on a major Voluntary Simplicity kick. Got rid of literally carloads of crap that I’d accumulated. Though I admit now that trying to make my own lunches every day was a farce, I’ve never regretted off-loading all that extra junk, and getting in touch with the things I truly love. Hmm…bet I could do… (more…)

I'm officially roommate-less. First act:

I’m officially roommate-less. First act: changed wallpaper to cheesy pic of Ewan McGregor. I’d sit around naked, but all the curtains are open.

Oh, and another thing…how on

Oh, and another thing…how on earth did they manage to make Dougray Scott unattractive? Moreover, WHY??

I just saw a bad

I just saw a bad movie. I feel dirty. So here’s my recommendation for Mission Impossible 2: leave after the first scene with Cruise and Hopkins. The stuff before that is beautiful, full of chemistry and promise. After that it’s hackneyed script, action for its own sake, and some of the most outright moronic plot devices I’ve ever seen. Rarely… (more…)

FYI to the TUR (you

FYI to the TUR (you know, the Three Unfortunate Readers): Dear frykitty is definitely going weekly. The only people that do this kind of thing daily have a staff. I don’t even have a decent walking stick. I’ll be publishing on Mondays to cheer that nasty old day for ya. Be sure to write me with your burning questions. I’ll… (more…)

So where the heck is

So where the heck is fry today?? She’s busy. Those delish folks at Sequential Tart did a quick review of the new Flummery, in which I wrote a piece. Jen forgot to mention me, but she will. And she asked if I want to write something for them. That’s right, me. Writing for Sequential Tart. I’m floooooating. More later.

Hitting the snooze button until

Hitting the snooze button until I have ten minutes to get out the door is not amazing. That I still make it is amazing.

Now I know what bothers

Now I know what bothers me about Fred’s picture. I keep thinking he’s going to die horribly at the end of the movie. I see Fred, I see tragedy. Be careful, dahling. We don’t want to lose you to any crazed rednecks.