Monthly Archives: June 2000

This is why I never

This is why I never want to die. You wait long enough, and good things happen.

New crush. I realize Leslie

New crush. I realize Leslie may be unfamiliar to a lot of you. Check him out–trust me–he’s one of the finest actors alive.

Making Trouble #5 Finally, and

Making Trouble #5 Finally, and this is something I’ve had many, many fantasies about, but never had the means to accomplish. Allow me to introduce you to my heroes at the Billboard Liberation Front. Someday, I wanna settle down and marry a nice vandal.

Hint to all you Dear

Hint to all you Dear frykitty readers. You may be able to discern some personal bias in today’s column. But it’s subtle.

It's kind of disturbing when

It’s kind of disturbing when I blog something, then read around and find out someone else thinks the same thing. Thanks, Metafilter for the link.

Making Trouble #4 From the

Making Trouble #4 From the Los Angeles chapter, some incomprehensible explanations of cacophony from art-damaged malcontents.

Once upon a time, like

Once upon a time, like last year, there was a field in my neighborhood (one of the last open fields around here) that everyone used to walk through. We’d walk through to get to the store, the Shari’s, the Hollywood Video. You get the idea. Then a nice international conglomerate came along and built a hotel on our field. Okay,… (more…)

Making Trouble #3 Those wacky

Making Trouble #3 Those wacky folks at the Cacophony Society of Vancouver take out their frustrations on small appliances:

I'm sick of flash intros.

I’m sick of flash intros. They were cool at first, and sometimes I still watch them just because I know how much work goes into them. But mostly I skip them. I’m here to find information, dammit. Not look at loud pretty things that add no freaking value to your site.

Soon I'll be starting a

Soon I’ll be starting a silly series on childhood friends. Enemies too, for that matter. Before I do, just a short note to everyone I knew in school: Just because I got old and fat doesn’t mean I’m not cooler than you are. In fact, considering the neighborhood, the odds are with me being much, much, cooler than you are.