Monthly Archives: June 2000

The Shuttlecocks are getting Metallica

The Shuttlecocks are getting Metallica on your ass. Or not. I wish I used Napster so I could play!

Making Trouble #2 Of course

Making Trouble #2 Of course I have to toot the horn of the local folks at Meaningless Madness. When Urination becomes outlawed, only outlaws will urinate.

I'm looking for a copy

I’m looking for a copy of Bottle Rocket to rent. The local Hollyweird Video doesn’t have it. I must see it. Because some crushes are more serious than others.

The roommate's latest amusement: HIM:

The roommate’s latest amusement: HIM: “What?” ME: “What?” HIM: “What?” ME: “What??” HIM: “I think you should tell me.” ME: “I think YOU should tell ME.” HIM: “No, I really think YOU should tell ME.” Ideally, the exchange goes on for at least five minutes. He’s trying to get one of his co-workers at Starbucks to go along with this… (more…)

Today's theme: making trouble. A

Today’s theme: making trouble. A group of friends and I call ourselves the Guerilla Optimists. We haven’t done much, but we have big plans. Things that make people re-assess their environment, look twice, think, smile even. Little did I know that there is an entire movement of like-minded folks. The GOs are keeping things quiet. Maybe someday we’ll have a… (more…)

Did I brush my teeth

Did I brush my teeth this morning? Man…I hope so. Did you know you really can’t smell your own breath? I didn’t believe it, but then I read that to truly know what your breath smells like, you have to lick the back of your hand, wait a few seconds, then smell it. So I tried it, just like I… (more…)