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Ironminds: Monday Night Football: A

Ironminds: Monday Night Football: A Preview. What’s funnier than Dennis Miller? A Dennis Miller parody, of course!

Oh, dandy. Egroups, everyone's favorite

Oh, dandy. Egroups, everyone’s favorite e-mail group service, has merged with Yahoo!, everyone’s second-favorite peddler of suckage (next to AOL, of course). I can say that because I happen to use Yahoo! a lot, and I know they suck. The most humorous part of the email announcement: “…you can assure your group members that eGroups and Yahoo! will continue to… (more…)

Full text of Ralph Nader's

Full text of Ralph Nader’s acceptance speech. Yeah, there will probably be a lot of Nader propaganda at my site. I mean, who wouldn’t want a president named “Ralph”?

They're shooooting. YAY! But I

They’re shooooting. YAY! But I wish this news service would get a proof-reader. Sheesh.

Every day I go see

Every day I go see Kitty and I giggle. Sometimes, in addition to looking at her new animated kitty-cat, I also read her blog. Hee. I just really, really like this one. Okay, I’m shutting up now.

Reason #329 to become rich

Reason #329 to become rich and famous: so a bitter ex-friend can write a scathing song about how I’ve sold out my artistic vision to become a corporate whore.

Hrm. I said I was

Hrm. I said I was going to write more about Titus, didn’t I? Well, let me get out of most of it by referring you to the comments of others. Ignore the negative ones, as they were written by halfwits that cried at Spice World. If you are a Peter Greenaway fan, you are doubly obligated to see this movie.… (more…)

Yes, I got rid of

Yes, I got rid of my little mood indicator. I got tired of going to another site just to update my mood. I wasn’t really using it for the intended purpose. They want you to use it to connect with people. Feeling depressed? Search for other sad-sacks and make yourself a suicide pact! I figure if I want you to… (more…)

Thanks to Mighty Girl Blog

Thanks to Mighty Girl Blog for a laugh I desperately needed today. Now I’m off to see Eric get emotional.

Something you never want to

Something you never want to do if you work in an office that involves law enforcement: blow up your lunch sack and pop it. It makes people very, very nervous. I mention this merely because almost every time I have a lunch sack, I want to pop it. It’s like some sick instinct. BOOM! It would be bad.