Monthly Archives: June 2000

The most ridiculous thing about

The most ridiculous thing about this tidbit is they were probably just tracking law-enforcement officers researching drugs. Does all this make me nervous? A little.

Top of today's list of

Top of today’s list of all-time stupid ideas: Bring Your Dog to Work Day. My clock radio goes off this morning and I hear: “Murphy, c’mere girl.”….”Bark! Bark!”…”Come on, honey, come over here.”….”Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!” Well, I suppose it’s better than waking up to some freakin’ Jimmy Buffet song.

I haven't blogged to Jerwin

I haven’t blogged to Jerwin in a few days. Hi baby! He seems a little testy today, going on about nasty celebrities. Calm down, sugar. Take a look at what I made for Andrea. You’ll feel better.

Deanna blogged one of my

Deanna blogged one of my other sites, Portland Industrial Complex. Yay! I actually run that in conjunction with a (gasp!) Yahoo! club. Uncool, I know…but keep in mind it was one of the first clubs, k? Deanna was wowed that there were other Oregon bloggers. Here are two more from Portland. Anyone else out there?

Note to Dear frykitty fans–yes,

Note to Dear frykitty fans–yes, that’s a new one up there! This week frykitty helps a teenager seduce her history teacher!

Where's the saturation point —

Where’s the saturation point — the plateau at which the colossal joke is over and the Giant campaign is no longer subversive? Well, probably when Salon does an article on it. Dammit, I just found this a couple days ago, and now it’s passe.

I felt the Academy's decision

I felt the Academy’s decision to exclude internet films from Oscar consideration was a short-sighted one. It’s nice to see iFilm and AMC teaming up to circumvent this ruling. Additionally, it gives the bandwidth-impaired (like me) a chance to see these short films. Yay!

We wage the War on

We wage the War on Drugs at our own expense. Remind me again why we’re doing this? Oh yeah, drugs are bad. Mmmhmm.

Happy Birthday to Bisquit! Yes,

Happy Birthday to Bisquit! Yes, seven months on the web is like seven years in the real world. Seven months is a long, long time. We look forward to your 70th.

It is a well-known web

It is a well-known web legend (really, everybody knows–didn’t you?) that I owe Andrea ten bucks. Here they are.