Monthly Archives: June 2000

I'm going to find a

I’m going to find a voicemail the works from Canada if it’s the last thing I do. Because Jerwin has a sexy voice, and I want him to use ALL my free minutes! And I also thought it was really, really sweet that he put a message on his site. I mean, how cool is that?? Snif. So far I’ve… (more…)

I wanted to send Ben

I wanted to send Ben three bucks for a comic, so I went to his contact page. This is the funniest contact page I’ve ever seen. Be sure to let the animation load. And yeah, I’m definitely sending him three bucks. Which reminds me, there will be a shameless plug coming very soon for my own comic, which is even… (more…)

Man! The coolest thing just

Man! The coolest thing just happened! I’m walking home from the train station, and walking up the street is my youngest nephew, Dorn, who I haven’t seen in three years! Okay, I’ll quit with the exclamation points now. But it was really cool. We stood in the sidewalk for about 20 minutes just catching up. He likes to draw anime… (more…)

What I like best about

What I like best about the new design is the tag line at the bottom. Define me, love me, eat me.

Sweetie dahling, it's almost impossible

Sweetie dahling, it’s almost impossible to find a decent picture of Dennis. You wouldn’t believe how I looked and looked. Let me know if you come across a better one in your travels.

I believe I may turn

I believe I may turn on the teevee tonight. Hope it still works.

Kind of a cool problem

Kind of a cool problem for a neighborhood to have. People are weird. They want to be insulated from everything that could possibly hurt them, even when that thing is beautiful and mostly harmless. I’ve fed peacocks from my hand. I mean, sheesh.

I just want to apologize

I just want to apologize up front for this link. I don’t know what possessed me. Not that Yahoo.

Incredibly morbid thought of the

Incredibly morbid thought of the day: How would your net friends know if you died? People come and go from web communities all the time without so much as a by-your-leave. Maybe everyone would think you got bored, or your phone was disconnected, or you were busy in real life. Or maybe they would worry about you, but have no… (more…)

I'm one of those people

I’m one of those people that thinks the idea of a movie trailer is a great one. I love to see them, and yes, they do help me decide what I’m seeing next. But I hate bad trailers. Unfortunately these days, most of them are just that. E! Online agrees in a well-written three-part examination of what’s wrong with trailers.