Monthly Archives: June 2000

New toy on my desk!

New toy on my desk! Brought my Slinky from home. It’s a pink and white plastic Slinky. I have to admit, I like the plastic Slinkies better than the old metal ones. Did you know that you’re not supposed to play with your Slinky in a moving vehicle? You’re also not supposed to “throw the coils out any window.” So… (more…)

Webrings are fun, but if

Webrings are fun, but if I’m going to join one, it has to mean something to me. Not necessarily something serious, though. I’m now officially a member of the breast webring, for chicks that have breasts. And until I get money for that surgery, I do.

Fun! I submitted frytopia to

Fun! I submitted frytopia to the Blog Map, and now am off to check out my neighbors. Thanks Epiphany for the link.

(And if you have a

(And if you have a cell phone that plays music when it rings you get your genitals blowtorched). New blog find. It made me laugh out loud–which is an automatic link back.

– Dachshund Nurses Six-Week-Old Kitten

– Dachshund Nurses Six-Week-Old Kitten Aaaaww! Wish there were pics with this story, but it still warms the icy corners of my heart.

Bobby Zane Crawford (1928

Bobby Zane Crawford (1928 – 1997) Happy Father’s Day

New crush, boys and girls!

New crush, boys and girls! Keanu got a bit more time than most, simply because he is so crushable, but it was time to move on.

Yep, yep, yep. Okay, I

Yep, yep, yep. Okay, I admit I said something bad about Ben Brown once, but I had no idea at the time that he was popular. I love the big guys. I think I’ve said this before–but popular sites are popular for a reason. Unlike your local supermarket, there is no brand loyalty based on convenience on the web. We… (more…)

Is Linking Illegal? Oh for

Is Linking Illegal? Oh for fook’s sake. So if I tell you a great place to get your VCR fixed, and it turns out the repair-person is selling drugs in the back room, I’m responsible????. Not bloody likely.

Okay, I don't usually blog

Okay, I don’t usually blog two articles from the same source, but I had to crow about The Gap offering plus-sized fashions. The article is even reasonably well-written. Okay, The Gap just won back my business, even though they’re about as cool as K-Mart.