Monthly Archives: July 2000

Okay, I'm having fun with echo beta, but there are a couple yucks. It's beta, so I'll forgive them for now. First, they don't know how to alphebetize. If you browse through their artists, they alpha individuals by their first name, and when you get to the T section--guess what--they've listed all the band names beginning with "The". That's kind of pathetic. Also, they use RealPlayer. I recently wiped that for screwing me up again. But because I wanted this new toy so badly, I installed it. There's gotta be a better way. If you go there, look for my first station, frykitty zero, and listen to some junk. I don't guarantee it's all stuff I like, since it just tried to play Van Morrison (SKIP! SKIP!!!!), but it's mostly peachy-keen goodness.

Someone told me something at work. This person is the very vision of veracity and competence, so I should just flat-out believe her. Nonetheless, I've been looking everywhere for confirmation. I can find no information to confirm or deny. She says Keanu has a house in Portland. She saw it when she took a paddlewheel trip up the river. She says it's a beautiful southwestern-style stucco mansion on the banks of the Willamette. I know I should trust her, but I long to hear an assenting voice. Does anyone know for sure? I promise not to stalk him if it's true.

Whistle while you work, but don't whistle at us. Good article on street hassle.

I have to admit, when I go over in my head all the reasons I'm fat, street hassle boils to a place near the top. Sure, being invisible, or even loathed, isn't fun--but it's a helluva lot more fun than being humiliated several times a day every single motherfucking day. Sorry, I get emotional.

Men are wonderful creatures. It's a shame that a few vocal ones on the street do their best to ruin the reputation of the entire gender.

Well I was going to do a lyrical spoof of the song Heat Wave, only call it Heat Rash, unfortunately I realized I don't know the original lyrics. And I'm too lazy to look them up. And the Lyrics Server doesn't have it. Oh, they have another song by the same title that was done by The Who, but they don't have the Irving Berlin tune. So fine. Hey, did you know that you can't copyright the title of a creative work? It's true.