Monthly Archives: July 2000

Four things I'm truly afraid

Four things I’m truly afraid of, in order of importance: Death Harm coming to my cats Tsunamis Bees going up my pantlegs

So did I ever mention

So did I ever mention that I’m finally listed with Yahoo? Handy for those times when you can remember my name, but not my address. Yeah, I’m excited too.

One of my occasional faves,

One of my occasional faves, WalkingBitch’s White Trash Diner is now a Poser! Mosey on over for your favorite mushroom-soup recipes!

My hair is lighter. Not

My hair is lighter. Not yet light enough, tho’. We’ll have another little bleaching session tomorrow at lunch, after which I hope to have extremely blonde hair. Yeah!

Soulflare. Oooh…pretty.

Soulflare. Oooh…pretty.

Okay, blogger faux-pas: I'm linking

Okay, blogger faux-pas: I’m linking a really popular site that everyone knows about anyway. This is because I want to tell Adam: short guys are delicious to hug. You have no idea how nice it is not to have your neck twisted and your head scrunched against someone’s pectoral. Short guys fit. Yum.

I know this will probably

I know this will probably suck, but still I’m terribly excited. Daredevil is the only “traditional” comic title I read. He’s been a favorite since I was a kid, and I’m working on having a complete collection of the series. I’m jazzed.

Sure, time is relative–but relative

Sure, time is relative–but relative to what? I actually slept last night, so I woke up early this morning and feeling particularly perky. I had time to log on (which I almost never do) and time flew until I suddenly realized I had 30 minutes to get ready for work. So I do all my get ready stuff, glance at… (more…)

I live in fear. Ah

I live in fear. Ah Jerwin, don’t worry about me. I can handle myself. I could probably even handle a raging dog murderer if I had to.

In case you haven't guessed,

In case you haven’t guessed, there’s a new Dear frykitty up. That didn’t take long–but that doesn’t mean the rest of you are off the hook! Letters make me happy. If you’d like to know when the newest installment comes out, subscribe! I’ll send you a nifty little note every time there’s a Dear frykitty update.