Monthly Archives: July 2000

I was suffering through a

I was suffering through a morning of bad pop music on the radio, thinking about how it’s all trash these days, and it’s time for another major movement. Someone agrees with me. Let us pray.

A friend who finds herself

A friend who finds herself in interesting times asked to hear a little bit about my own marital crap. So I thought hell, why not blog it? I don’t do a lot of soul-sharing here, so skip this if you prefer my funny side. I was married and divorced twice by the age of 24. Between the two (one bad… (more…)

Read this immediately. I'd say

Read this immediately. I’d say more about it, but it would end up sounding sappy. Just go.

Women don't burp, fart or

Women don’t burp, fart or snore, therefore we must BITCH so we don’t explode. Welcome to Collette and her betty blog, the newest addition to the Posers ring. She’s neato skeeto.

The problem with "coining a

The problem with “coining a term for bloggers who go to other people’s sites and steal their links without providing proper recognition: blurkers.” is that all your friends will think it’s damned funny to quote you without crediting you.

I'm linking to this Yahoo!

I’m linking to this Yahoo! News story for a reason. Not because I give a rip about Spears or Timberlake. In fact, I’ve never heard a song by either of them, and this pleases me. The reason I’m linking to THIS story is because of Yahoo’s Speak Your Mind feature. Click on View Conversations, and watch the grief of the… (more…)

One of my neighbors has

One of my neighbors has put breadcrumbs and a pan of water in a corner of my yard, so they can feed the birds and squirrels. This is in my yard, I assume, because it’s one of the neighbors with a dog. This is cool for two reasons. First, it’s just neat that they want to feed the little animals.… (more…)

I was thinking…I know a

I was thinking…I know a few bloggers are into comics, but they don’t talk a lot about which ones. Maybe this will start a trend. In the tradition of listing the CDs I buy on my “lunch shoppies”, here is what I just picked up from the comics shop on my bi-monthly run: The Marquis, Danse Macabre 1 of 5… (more…)

No, I didn't see a

No, I didn’t see a little girl on a bicycle on my way home tonight. Did you?

So Stuy, what I wanna

So Stuy, what I wanna know is if someone is just a blog writer and doesn’t read the blogs of others, how are they going to read YOUR blog and vote in your poll?