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Mmmmm…comix and sammiches…life is good…

Mmmmm…comix and sammiches…life is good… So I’m at the bus stop waiting to go get sammich fixins, when I notice the transit police have stopped these two women. They had apparently smuggled beer on to the train in pepsi cups. It must have been the world’s worst beer, because it reeked. Or does that make a beer good? I wouldn’t… (more…)

Maybe if you didn't treat

Maybe if you didn’t treat us like cattle, we wouldn’t get so pissed off. I do have sympathy for flight attendants. They do a great job, and it’s not their fault that airplanes are less comfortable than a bus, yet many times more expensive to use. Depending on the trip, one has to seriously consider if it’s worth the cash… (more…)

I'm so groggy. My friend

I’m so groggy. My friend Anna was over last night. It’s a shame she doesn’t web publish, she’d be completely readable. We watched Entropy, which is a flat bore for the first half (or more), but stick with it. Soon there will be talking cats. I swear, living through the whole movie is worth it for the cat.

Welcome Jodinand to the elite

Welcome Jodinand to the elite society of Posers. Very cool looking site with disturbing, whimsical portraits on the left. This guy is a kick. If you’re at work, turn the sound off, as he’s put MUSIC on there (sigh, we love you anyway).

Okay everyone, I want you

Okay everyone, I want you to dig in your pocket and find three smelly, wrinkly, one-dollar bills. Got it? Good. Now send them to this guy. He will send you caramel goodness. Okay, that’s a lie. But he will send you some godamned funny comics. I just got my delicious package from Ben, (wanna get to know him? He blogs… (more…)

I know I've been dull

I know I’ve been dull lately, dahlings. I do apologize. I long to entertain and inform, but I’ve been a little brain-dead lately. It’s a phase I go through. Of course, some of you are now thinking “it’s your blog, do what you want with it!” To be honest, I have thought a great deal about why I’m here. Not… (more…)

There is something delightfully juvenile

There is something delightfully juvenile about saving change (and $1 bills), then using the proceeds to buy a bicycle. Too bad it’s not red.

Trailer Trash Part 3 The

Trailer Trash Part 3 The final installment in E! Online’s series on movie trailers.

Uh oh. I completely forgot

Uh oh. I completely forgot to do a new Dear frykitty. Holiday, and all. Hey, even if it’s a crappy holiday that I don’t like, I’m still taking the day off. Or in this case, four. Um…I’ll have to get right on that whole update thing.

I don't know what to

I don’t know what to say about my habit of spending my lunch money on music except: “hey, that’s one way to lose weight.” Lunch shoppie: