Monthly Archives: July 2000

Oh hooray! The napkin people

Oh hooray! The napkin people finally updated. I was losing hope!


METAPHYSICAL GRAFFITI – BANKSY Guerilla art takes it to the people, without asking permission. And it usually has a better sense of humor than the conventional sort.

Well, at least the neighbors

Well, at least the neighbors that used to buy illegal fireworks in bulk and set them off in June, July, and August have moved. This year it is a chorus of minor pops and whistles. The cats are still bugged, but it’s not as bad. BTW, I fucking hate this holiday. I just do. The Fourth is where the worst… (more…)

Okay, someone needs to explain

Okay, someone needs to explain this to me. What on earth is the point of running a pirate radio station to play Alice Cooper or the Bay City Rollers? When I tune into an internet radio station that purports to be “pirate”, I want something unusual, something conventional radio stations won’t play–something NEW. Something more like this.

I'm having one of those

I’m having one of those days where I’m one step removed from reality. Instead of seeing my hand in front of me, I’m seeing my hand through the lense of a camera, disconnected, floating. It’s like I’m still in the odd dream state I awoke from this morning. The dream, a minor nightmare, is still entangled with me though I’ve… (more…)

Just finished watching Drylongso, the

Just finished watching Drylongso, the story of a photography student documenting the existence of what she feels is an endangered species–the black American male. Despite an unnecessary slasher sub-plot, this was a solid indie movie, with compelling characters and an interesting story. Recommended for all artsy-fartsy types.

Grace is back! Hi! Missed

Grace is back! Hi! Missed you!

Ahhh…back from the beach. We

Ahhh…back from the beach. We drove up the coast and hit four different beaches. Gearhart is creepy. There’s this little enclave where all the houses–big houses–look the same and the streets are extremely clean. I stopped to use a porta-potty at a park and it was cleaner than most public restrooms I’ve seen. Creepy, I tell ya. That place is… (more…)

I've been playing The Crystal

I’ve been playing The Crystal Key and discovered something about myself I don’t like. If I have a cheater, I’ll use it. My frustration threshhold is very low, and it doesn’t take me long before I’m reaching for the walkthrough. But wait, it gets worse. I’ll usually be sitting thinking about what I should do, and have a good solution…then… (more…)

I'm awake, I'm awake…. It

I’m awake, I’m awake…. It takes me about ONE day to turn my schedule completely around these days. When Kelly called this morning to ask me to go to the coast, I was mighty groggy. But I was awake enough to say yes. Beachity, beachity, funfunfun. Of course I realize that when most of you think “beach”, you’re thinking the… (more…)