Monthly Archives: July 2000

Mom was also my ideal

Mom was also my ideal of a strong woman. If there was an obstacle, she bulldozed her way through it. If someone treated her (or me!) unfairly, they were toast. I am also very strong, though I don’t think I live up to her sheer cussedness. She managed to harass my high-school counselor into early retirement. Believe me, that crappy… (more…)

The final hour begins… While

The final hour begins… While Mom loved to tell me I was beautiful, she actually wasn’t big on appearances. She looked the dyke part–she had little understanding of makeup, dresses, and other female accessories. I remember her having one tube of lipstick, and that’s it. Oh, and one green dress, but once it was worn out, she stuck with more… (more…)

Laura at has two

Laura at has two requests–after Madonna we’ll be putting on En Vogue’s Funky Divas, and I’ll be singing along with “Free Your Mind,” which is why I bought the disk. She suggested I lull myself to sleep with a little Jeff Buckley. She is so right.

Okay, I'll talk a little

Okay, I’ll talk a little bit about Mom. It’s time. She was a pack of contradictions. Not so much the woman herself, but explaining her to strangers can be difficult. If I tell you she was schizophrenic, and had Multiple-Personality disorder, you would probably assume she was a bad mother. She wasn’t. If I told you she was a lesbian,… (more…)

Dave's out finding me weird

Dave’s out finding me weird links. This is the ebay item for the cook who has everything. Ew.

Two hours to go, and

Two hours to go, and I suddenly have a lot to say. Okay, here’s the rest of that rant I started. It was supposed to be three blogs, so it hangs together badly. Sorry. On the other hand, what am I going to think of these 96 (I hope) posts in a few days, or a few weeks? I’ll probably… (more…)

I knew as soon as

I knew as soon as I said it, that Jerwin would find my only Madonna album and make me play it. Mind you, I bought it for the Rain cut because I was making a great Rain mix. That’s all I used it for, and I’ve never listened to it. Well, maybe this will expand my mind. So here it… (more…)

When Andre mentioned it would

When Andre mentioned it would be cool to blog every 15 minutes to tie in with PB, that had been in te back of my mind. I figured I would do it for a few hours, then drop back to less frequent updates. Somewhere in the middle of the day that number got stuck in my head. 24*4. 96 PB… (more…)

I'm feeling like a rant,

I’m feeling like a rant, but I can’t think of a single thing to go off on. All the common topics have been beaten to death. It’s just as well…I’m losing coherency. In fact, I have no idea how to spell koheransee at this point. Still, I wouldn’t classify this as suffering. And if I were suffering, for what would… (more…)

Three hours. Three. Hours.

Three hours. Three. Hours.